Saturday, October 3, 2015

Backdated Build Notes

Hey all!

Below is a backdated log of some of the initial development prior to releasing online. Mainly for those that are curious and to scratch that completionist itch should I decide to look back someday. Hence why it is before the "first" post.

- CJ

Release - Just havin’ a chat.

  • General 
    • Restructured some fundamental game state architecture. Now uses persistent custom game instance so is much cleaner in UI implementation and will make carrying information between maps much easier. 
    • Initial loading screen added to cover up transition between maps. 
    • Some basic setup for game progress, though it isn’t utilized yet. 
    • Getting closer to desired fix and result with Phantom, bug is fixed but reset of view isn’t desired. 
  • Base 
    • Multiple conversations available using new dialogue system. Placeholder portraits for now. Aster is most complete, Doctor after that, Tinkerer and his son are still pretty broken. 
    • IES Profiles added for a more nuanced lighting in the base. 
  • Wilderness 
    • Can now rescue villagers found out in the wilderness. They will give a small gift of a random supply for now. 
    • Updated laser gun sounds to give better player feedback. Now has a charge sound to go along with the charge shot. Also better visual effects to support it too (not socketed properly yet though) 
    • Added rumble to charging and releasing gunshot. 
    • Search command now works to highlight gatherables. 
    • Gatherables now picked up with the Use command instead of automatically.
Release - Humans and "Laz0rs"

  • Known bug: Creating the “phantom” with Dpad up can cause a mismatch between the control scheme and the camera angle, making it very difficult to move. This is reset when you load between maps.
  • Changed weapon to be more of a megaman/metroid style laser gun with charge shot. Hopefully will give combat a touch more variety as it develops. 
  • Initial “phase” hacking as phantom. Can hack energy pylons to cause them to become regenerative energy wells. 
  • Initial procedural decor, greyblocked most human models, finished some. Scale still a bit wonky and no collision. 
  • Initial pass of sound fx; including some loose environment sounds and combat fx. 
  • Map work on Wild01 including terrain texture polish and rework of Fir tree. 
  • Level ups now driven by data table making them much easier to balance. Consolidated level up system to reduce chance of data loss. 
  • Initial “Dwellers”, villagers that will eventually be rescued and possibly recruited. Currently have randomly generated gender, and name based off the gender. 
  • UI Controller Layout available in pause screen. No customization but allows for that in the future and will make maintenance easier. 
  • Player now dies correctly, playing an animation and loading the base map, instead of simply destroying the actor. 
Release - Workbench

  • Initial time of day setup - Randomizes lighting using three set times of day. Currently uses; Day, Evening, and Night. 
  • Test of bioluminescent foliage that is only active at night. (Very ugly right now) 
  • Resource pickups are now saved as part of the player so they will be able to eventually use them for base and equipment upgrades. 
  • Base now has initial UI for map screen and equipment upgrades. 
  • Equipment screen has subscreen for upgrading weapons (non-functional) 
  • Both equipment and upgrade screens show correct resource amounts 
  • Map screen allows for choice of destination (Currently only Wilds and Testing area) 
  • Fun little typewriter flourish when mousing over options in equipment screen. First exploration into shared macros. 
  • Main menu up and running, links to proper maps, and wipes player save data on “New game”. 
  • Tutorial now at least has warp out to actual game, contains notes for planned tutorial and how to play the game. 

Release - Initial

  • Relatively fleshed out “Wilderness 1” Map to explore 
  • Basic enemies spawn from destructible pylons 
  • Very bare-bones base 
  • Bare-bones core loop (base to gathering encounter, back to base) 
  • Initial experience gain and leveling up 
  • Experience and level are saved in file 
  • Bare-bones material gathering (colored orbs out in field)

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